Blogging in the classroom

3 02 2007

Should you have your students blog?

Could you have your students blog?

Yes. And yes.

Here’s a site where professors discuss blogging the classroom


  • The tool (computer and internet) keeps students engaged
  • Free (if you have internet access)
  • Easy to use and set up. You (yes, you) can set up a blog, add content, and monitor the comments.
  • Students can continue discussion outside of class. Make it a homework assignment(!): “Please post one thoughtful response to this week’s topic -or- to a classmate’s response”.


  • Can you think of any?


  • Blogger
  • WordPress

WordPress even has special blogs just for education. The only difference is the domain name, but still. It’s a nice gesture.

Here are my class pages… built with blogs. I can update and monitor them from any computer connected to the internet–I don’t have to rebuild an HTML page, log into a server, and upload my new page.




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