Breathe new life into old computers

3 02 2007

Don’t throw away those old PCs. And don’t just let them sit there unused because Windows crapped out.

Linux, baby. I’m a big fan.

Old processor? Little RAM? Small harddrive? No budget? With Linux, you just won the lottery.


  • Very fast, even on older hardware.
  • Runs on almost any hardware:
    • From a Pentium, or PowerPC, 300MHz up to the latest hardware. That = anything from 1999 or newer. Linux will run on even older machines, it will just be slow.
    • Can boot (run) from the CD! You don’t even need a harddrive.
    • Can boot from a USB drive. If the computer’s BIOS allows USB booting
  • Free!
  • Tons of excellent software… not cheesy crap. Good stuff. Photoshop equivalent, MS Office equivalent, Illustrator equivalent, audio apps, video apps, whaddaya need?
  • The apps are free, too!
  • Powerful. More than you will need. Linux is one of the most popular choices for gigantic network serving.
  • Pretty. The GUIs (graphic user interfaces) that Linux can use are very cool (and infinitely customizable. Almost too customizable)
  • Infinitely customizable… if you speak Linux.


  • Some Administration-level tasks can be VERY frustrating. I have gone nearly mad (or was it “finally mad”?) trying to format a harddrive and then install Linux… a task a dead man could do with MacOS and a patient, intelligent person could do with Windows.

My two favorite “distros” are, in order:





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3 02 2007

I’m a Fedora person myself.

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