Cool Tools :: Animation Software

17 02 2007

Lego Digital Designer
“A revolutionary platform for virtual building”
Good website and info
(Not a true animation product, but it does make an animation of the building of your creation)

Anime Studio 5
“Create quality animations from start to finish”
Free Demo
Excellent website and info
(e-frontier makes several other, higher-end animation tools… that are very cool: Poser, Shade, Manga Studio, MotionArtist, MagicalSketch, Amapi)

Boinx Software
“Create the most spectacular slideshows. Perform a breathtaking show.”
Free Demo
Excellent website and info

Boinx Software
“Fun with Stop Motion and Time Lapse recording”
Free Demo
Excellent website and info
(I prefer FrameThief for stop-action recording)

Frame Thief
“The premier solution for animators on the Mac”
Free Demo
(My students and I have used this program with excellent results)

katsura shareware
“Generates worksheets for synchronizing the audio track and animation”
$29.97 shareware
Free to try
Good website and info
(katsure makes a wide variety of creative tools)

Toon Boom Studio Express
Toom Boom
“The leading animation software solution for beginners”
Free Demo
Excellent Website and info
(Toon Boom makes several high-end animation applications.
I prefer Tab for advanced animation)

The Tab
Digital Video
“Add power to your animations”
starting at $80
Excellent website and info. Thorough tutorials.
(This program is easy to use for as powerful as it is. There are four different versions: The TAB Kids, The TAB Lite, The TAB, The TAB Pro; all at different prices)

Digital Video
“The evolution of animation”
(must request a price quote. Expensive)
Good website and info
(This, and ToonBoom, are the “highest-end” animation programs.)

Troy Studios
“Your personal 3D animator”
Free as download. $18.72 for CD
Good website and info




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