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19 02 2007

Jers Novel Writer
Very, very cool. Addictive.
Will help you win NaNoWriMo. See our earlier post.
Free to try

So cool. Generated art. You’ve seen this kind of art. You’ve wondered how it was created and marveled at the mystery of it. Download NodeBox and make your own.

Make a Life Poster the easy way (rather than the Photoshop way)
Demo. $24.95 to buy

Probably my favorite software to create with. I can’t think of any other software that produces as nice a product with as little intrusion (you can make cool stuff in Photoshop, but it takes awhile to learn, and even when you learn it, it still is not intuitive or elegant; to me Photoshop is “creating with math” and makes me feel less an artist and more an engineer).
Comes on all new Macs. $24.95

Delicious Library
Easily the coolest app of the last decade. And one that would have been run-of-the-mill had any other guys made it.

Morph Age
Morph any images or movies together. Professional, easy to use (which always means: “made with uncommon effort”)




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28 05 2008

A great, easy-to-use poster creator is Snapfish. The suite of tools allows you to edit, crop and even create a poster from digital photographs. All Snapfish tools are free and easy to use; plus they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

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